Migrations for hosting companies and web agencies

Migrations for hosting companies and web agencies

Outsource the migration operations and focus on your core business

Hosting providers

Hosting providers As a Web hosting company, you may attract new customers by offering our migration services and increase your conversion rate.

Make your customers’life easier allowing them to join your hosting solution seamlessly, by subsidizing part or all of our service.

An innovative offer and a real commercial advantage, with no extra work for your technical teams!

Stand out from your competitors and stop fighting only on prices and performances.

Reduce your technical support load sending new clients to our team.

Web Agencies

Web Agencies Do you have a multi-account web server with a large number of clients? Is this server reaching its technical limits or is no longer performing?

Do not spend days migrating your customers: choose a new server with your favorite hosting provider and ask us to migrate your whole customer accounts.

We take in charge all the service, totally transparently and confidentially, for both your customers and competitors.

Our service is subject to non disclosure and non compete agreements.

Company acquisitions

Company acquisitions Your company grows by acquiring a customer portfolio or an external company?

Optimize the costs and integrate the new accounts in your own hosting environment. Sub-contract the migration of the accounts on your servers to us and make a smooth transition for the customers.

Our web migration service allows you to take the best out of your mergers and acquisitions in the web environement: web agencies, hosting provider, Internet service providers,

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