Migrate your site

Migrate your site

We transfer your web site from a server A to a server B. And we do it well!

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Custom made site migration, site transfer Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, SPIP, Drupal....

A controlled and managed migration in 3 successive steps :

1 : Technical analysis

Technical analysisDiscovering all of the original and new destination hosting solutions

  • Listing of what needs to be moved :
    Fichiers, base de données, domaines, mails, DNS, certificats ssl, ftp, ssh, etc...
  • Original hosting solution :
    Operating system (OS), software, versions
  • Destination hosting solution :
    Operating system (OS), software, versions, traffic and bandwidth options, memory options
  • Feasibility study
  • Choix de l'interruption de service :
    24h, 12h, 3h, 1h, 15 min, none
  • Detailed pricing of the next steps

2 : Test version

Test version Setting up a test copy of your site in the new hosting provider

  • User account creation (email, FTP, …)
  • Destination hosting solution setup with required software and systems
  • Tests and debugging
  • Performance test (option)
  • DNS zone backup, Whois...
  • Schedule of the move :
    • Week, Night, Week-end, Bank holiday
    • Global move or successive moves for the different services
  • Customer acceptance and validation

3 : Final transfer

Final transferLaunching the production site with the new hosting company

  • Data synchronization
  • Email accounts synchronization
  • SSL certificates transfer
  • Domain names and DNS zones transfer
  • Release to production with the new hosting service
  • Final user acceptance

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  • A responsive service, attentive to your needs and reachable by telephone
  • The tasks are scheduled and carried out at the planned dates and times.
  • Any need to update or modify the existing system is studied and discussed with you before implementation.
  • We make no final transfer if the test version is not 100% functional and validated by you.