Wordpress Hosting Change

Wordpress Hosting Change

Wordpress site migration service to a new host

Move your Wordpress website to a new server »


Enjoy the power of new hosting offers and boost your Wordpress site display speed.

Select your new webhost: we take care of everything!

File copy, database transfer, DNS zone tuning, domain name registrar change, email box copy, ...

Wordpress site transfer and migration

Migration to shared hosting, dedicated server or cloud offer, domain name change, Wordpress update, we ensure your hosting transfer facily management.

Enjoy a new hosting solution with a lower price and both, a higher performance and reliability.

Secured Wordpress move

Move your hosting with dedicated specialists mastering the whole process and technology.

  • A proven migration procedure.
  • Hundreds of successful migrations.
  • An experienced, reactive and available team.
  • Backups

    Automated backups installation

    Remote backup, server replication

    Production release

    Release of the new version of your Wordpress site and release to production on your servers.

    Malwares, defacing

    Removal of vulnerables websites.
    Anti-virus analysis and intrusion tests
    Backup restoration, complete new installation