Change Prestashop Hosting

Change Prestashop Hosting

Prestashop store transfer and migration to a new webhost

Move your e-shop Prestashop to a new hosting company »

Change Prestashop webhost

Enjoy the speed of new hosting offers and improve the display speed of your Prestashop store.

Choose your new webhost: we take care of the rest!

Filecopy, payment module configuration, database transfer, DNS zone tuning, domain name registrar change, email box copy,...

Prestashop store tranfer

Prestashop store tranfer Migration to a cloud server, dedicated server, virtual private server or VPS or a shared hosting, we take care of the full migration process of your online store.

Joining a new webhost has never been easier, for more reliability, higher speed and better price!

Move Prestashop with full security

Move Prestashop with full security

webhost transfer done by a specialists team serving your needs and mastering the required technology.

  • A proven transfer procedure.
  • Hundreds of successful migrations.
  • Minimized outage.
  • An experienced, reactive and available team.
  • Upgrade

    Enjoy the latest Prestasho^p features

    Ask us to upgrade your Prestashop to the current version.

    Production release

    Online release of your new Prestashop store for a smooth production release.

    Data import and conversion

    Give up your deprecated e-commerce application and keep your customer database
    Use our data conversion service to easily migrate your Prestashop store